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MegaNet ICT Limited is a full service online and print media advertisement, web site developer and web software services, hosting internet plans, e-commerce etc. We also deal with digital meeting solution and large format scanning solutions.

With the professional experience, technical know-how and business intelligence, unique & differentiated creations have set us apart. It is our dedication to client servicing and going that extra mile that distinguishes us from our competitors. We deliver high quality work at low cost; whether it′s a single ad or a large campaign, we′ll deliver on time, within budget and always exceeding your expectations. Our mission is to serve our clients--big or small--with the same passion, integrity, loyalty and effectiveness as possible, without the high expense normally associated with these types of services.

We are just a call away from you.

Creative Design

We are a large group of creative professionals who can help develop new marketing ideas for your business. We specialize in working with any types of businesses and understand their unique needs. We have worked with many business professionals like you and delivered our design projects till date.

Customer Support

In order to provide you with excellent service to help you obtain your online goals and objectives, the entire MegaNet ICT Web Design Team is dedicated to ensuring that the services we provide are built on integrity, respectability, and professionalism. We take pride in giving our clients great customer service every time.


Our web developers build the most appealing websites using PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor). Our web application developers assemble protected, healthy web applications ranging from Open Source Web Applications to Microsoft Web Applications and deliver a solution that is best suited to your business model.

Responsive Template

Responsive web design means that you don't have separate mobile, tablet, and PC versions of your site: the site adapts to whatever size screen it's being displayed on. Regardless of what device a visitor is using to access your site, they'll see all of the content you have to offer (no more partial-content mobile versions of sites) and they'll see it in readable way.

Our Services:

Our customer service is characterized by having extensive technical support in addition to having specific product training which is key in setting apart from the rest of the competition. We is distinguished by having one of the most comprehensive training protocols in the market. Our destitutions and their technicians are provided with detailed hands on training in solar energy installation. Our technical support is another key factor in customer service. Our technical brochures contain important information about each one of our products, for the use of installers as they determine the dimensions of each clients project and search for best solutions for the needs of their clients. In addition, our own technicians support to resolve any difficulties and answer questions

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