About MegaNet ICT Limited


Become a leading IT Solution provider in the world.


Deliver state-of-art software and technology solutions to our customers through quality, innovation and leadership.


Human resource of MegaNet ICT Limited consists of IT Experts including System Analysts, Analyst Programmers, Programmers, Network Engineers, and Hardware Support Engineers, with professional certifications such as MCSD, MCSE, MCDBA, MCP, ZCE, CCNA, A+ and OCP. We also have Business Analysts, Accounts and Audit Specialists, Financial Analysts, Marketing Researchers, Management Professionals such as Chartered Accountants and MBAs.

Why MegaNet ICT Limited


Quality is built into the project management plan of all projects at MegaNet ICT Limited. Project Management Plan is discussed and finalized at start of the project. A detailed project management plan outlines the deliverables and tests at all stage and also has enough scope for modification as the project progresses.


Information on project status is transparent and is shared with client during regular interactions and also during Regular progress reviews. This generally gives the IT department and the Administrative offices of the client a good overview of the project and anticipates problems in advance. Relevant project information is available online in a concise summary.

Cost savings

Having dedicated professionals on the project for the duration of the project leads to definite cost savings. We have successfully completed and delivered projects where clients have clear cost savings in outsourcing to MegaNet ICT Limited.


MegaNet ICT Limited is devoted to a personalised customer approach and acknowledges that each customer has as a different IT infrastructure, procedures and organisation. MegaNet ICT Limited therefore adapts the project planning and reporting to the specific needs of the customer.

We make an outline of some top reasons of why our clients have outsource projects to MegaNet ICT Limited:

  • To approach to world-class software engineering skills from Bangladesh, a tie of south Asian talent.
  • To distinct cost advantage and immense pool of quality manpower resources.
  • To significantly reduce operating costs.
  • To share the risks involved in development.
  • To involve in the development of cutting edge technology is well on its way to become one of the ‘Global IT leaders'.
  • To seek resources not available in-house.
  • To finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house due to technical capability or staff limitations.
  • To localize existing software for use in regionally in company with global marketplace.

MegaNet ICT Limited has an honor of highly qualified software engineers and architects experienced in providing development services to worldwide marketplace. Please visit our Client's chapter to determine our strong real-world experiences.

MegaNet ICT Limited Limited  was established in 2003 by world class IT professionals to provide state of the art IT solutions and services at optimally economic costs. MegaNet ICT Limited  is the fastest growing software development company in Bangladesh.

Working with the best in Bangladesh, MegaNet ICT Limited is a professionally managed Corporate Group offering a wide array of expertise to both the corporate and service sectors. We aim at transforming the client's Corporate Service vision into professionally performing reality by leveraging the current technologies and management resources on-time and with cost-efficient quality.

MegaNet ICT Limited  has made significant inroads into specialized and turn-key software services and product development. The in-house skills and infrastructural strengths and talents of our Technology Resources Center  are unique in making software work for our client's optimal benefit.

With our client-focused, industry oriented versatility in relevant key technologies we at MegaNet ICT Limited will enable you to transform your cost burdens into viable business assets ensuring a competitive edge in the hectic global agora of the Information Age.

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